Thursday, May 20, 2010

Impulse Buying

After having the Space Wolves buzz for a while, I went ahead and picked up the new Space Wolves codex in February. I put together a few possible first 1000pt lists thinking I could quell the excitement a little and finish off my Mech Guard before I got obsessed with Space Vikings. How wrong I was...

To quote a previous post:
I'm going to be disciplined and get what I have of the guard finished first. Discipline prevents the old "lead under the bed" syndrome, whereby you end up with all those unpainted models lying about that you bought with the best of intentions, but you somehow never got any further than opening the blister pack. I've got quite enough of that, thank you, and I intend to be good from now on.
I knew when I wrote this I was lying to myself. I'm sure we've all been there before - the temptations of the new and shiny overshadowing the need to finish off what we already have. Why is it that we can't resist?

About a month after picking up the codex, I still couldn't get those damn furry marines out of my mind, so I decided to go for the next step: buy a box of the new Space Wolves plastics to play with. Surely this would appease my restless imagination? I could stick together a few guys in between painting up those last two chimeras. Right?

So I took a stroll down to the Canterbury Games Workshop store to have a look around. Lo and behold, they are out of stock. The only Space Wolves sprues they have are packaged up in the Space Wolves battleforce box. But that's too much isn't it? I don't want to get carried away. Those chimeras still need painting.

Anyway, if I am going to start sticking together a new army, I like to have access to all the sprues I think I'm going to need up front. This is so I have all the components available to mix and match throughout the army. I can't go around buying all this stuff if I've got the Guard to finish, now can I?

20 minutes later, I exit Games Workshop. My bank account is about £100 lighter, but the contents of my hands are way heavier, containing as they do:
  • The Space Wolves battleforce, minus the drop pod which I sold on to Simon:
    • 4x Space Wolves sprues
    • Scout squad
  • A space marine commander
  • A command squad
  • 2 assault squad boxes (I got another one the next weekend since I need at least 11 jump packs...)
Sweet sweet plastic:

And this is about how far I've gotten since then:

So much for being good...

The roster I am working towards (made with BattleScribe!):

1000pt Space Wolves 5th Ed (2009) Roster

Footsloggers (965pts Total)

Roster Selections:

  • (Elites) Wolf Guard Pack - 200pts
    • Wolf Guard - 38pts
      Plasma Pistol (10pts), Power Armour, Power Weapon (10pts)
    • Wolf Guard - 46pts
      Power Armour, Storm Bolter (3pts), Thunder Hammer (25pts)
    • Wolf Guard - 73pts
      Jump Pack (25pts), Power Armour, 2x Wolf Claw (30pts)
    • Wolf Guard - 43pts
      Combi Flamer/Melta/Plasma (5pts), Power Armour, Power Fist (20pts)
  • (Elites) Wolf Scouts - 85pts
    Meltagun (10pts)
    • Wolf Scout - 15pts
      Bolt Pistol
    • Wolf Scout - 15pts
      Bolt Pistol
    • Wolf Scout - 15pts
      Bolt Pistol
    • Wolf Scout - 15pts
      Bolt Pistol
    • Wolf Scout - 15pts
      Bolt Pistol
  • (Fast Attack) Sky Claws Pack - 205pts
    Power Fist (25pts), 10x Sky Claw (180pts)
  • (HQ) Rune Priest - 160pts
    Bolt Pistol, Chooser of the Slain (10pts), Living Lightning, Master of Runes (50pts), Power Armour, Runic Weapon, Storm Caller
  • (Troops) Grey Hunters Pack - 160pts
    10x Grey Hunter (150pts), Plasma Gun (10pts), Plasma Gun
  • (Troops) Grey Hunters Pack - 155pts
    10x Grey Hunter (150pts), Meltagun (5pts), Meltagun